Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chapter 17 Part II: Absolutism in Russia

Terms to Outline

  • Mongol Yoke -- effect on future leadership in Russia
  • Ivan I ("Moneybags")
  • Ivan III
  • service nobility
  • Ivan IV ("the Terrible")
  • "Time of Troubles"
  • Romanov dynasty
  • Peter the Great
  • westernization
  • St. Petersburg

Questions to Consider

  • How might the Mongol Yoke have influenced future leaders (like Ivan III) in ruling Russia?  What allowed Ivan to stop acknowledging the authority of the khan?
  • In what ways does Ivan IV ("the Terrible") make the continued push towards absolutism in Russia?
    • Consider the role of the service nobility and the cossacks.
  • How is Russian society transformed at the beginning of the Romanov dynasty?
  • How did Peter the Great's military rule affect the strength of Russia and Peter's prestige?
  • What is westernization and why might it have elevated Russia's status?
  • Why was the relocation of Russia's capital to St. Petersburg significant?

Chapter 17 Part I: Absolutism in Austria and Prussia

Terms to Outline:

  • serfdom (e.g. new laws to restrict movement of serfs)
  • hereditary subjugation
  • Bohemian Estates -- what happens to them in the Thirty Years' War
  • robot
  • Ferdinand III
  • Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Jannisaries
  • Pragmatic Sanction
  • Brandenburg
  • Frederick William, the "Great Elector"
  • Junkers
  • Frederick William I

Questions to Consider:

  • Why did serfdom decline in Western Europe and not in Eastern Europe?  What did the monarchy have to do with this?
  • What was the status of Austria and Prussia after the Thirty Years' War?
  • How do the Habsburgs move towards a more absolutist state after the Thirty Years' War?
  • How did the Ottoman Turks and the Hungarians pose a threat to the Habsburgs and absolutism?
  • What was the state of Brandenburg after the Thirty Years' War?  How does Frederick William, the "Great Elector" make the move towards absolutism in Prussia?
  • How does Frederick William I later solidify absolutism in Prussia?