Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chapter 13, Part III: Renaissance Art

Terms to outline:

  • Michelangelo and/or Donatello
  • Machiavelli's  The Prince
  • The printing press

Questions to Consider
  • How did artists reflect the intellectual hallmarks of the Renaissance that we discussed last time?
  • What, according to Machiavelli, should the ideal ruler be like?  What does this suggest about the people's ability to self-govern?
  • Why was the printing press such a monumental invention? How did it facilitate communication, and what implications might this have for the power of the common man?  For religion?
  • The text suggests that women's status declined during the Renaissance.  How did this happen?
  • Consider sexuality among men and women during the Renaissance.  How does it display inequality and women's lower status?
  • Compare and contrast European slavery with that of the Americas. 

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