Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Outbreak of World War I


League of Three Emperors
Dual Alliance
Triple Alliance
Russian-German Reinsurance Treaty
Britain "Splendid Isolation"
Anglo-Japanese Alliance
Entente Cordiale
Triple Entente
Kruger Telegram
Algeciras Conference/First Moroccan Crisis
Second Moroccan Crisis
First Balkan Crisis
First Balkan War
Second Balkan War


Identify the major alliances Bismarck fashioned in the late 19th century.  Why did he enter into so many?

Why did Britain end its period of isolationism in Europe?

Why did Germany feel the need to industrialize/militarize so quickly in the late 19th century?  How does Britain respond to them?

How do the First and Second Moroccan crises show the changing relationship between France and Britain?  What causes them to get along better?

Why is there crisis in the Balkans and what does it have to do with Turkey?  How does Serbia feel about Austria and Bulgaria by the end of these conflicts?  Why is Russia invested in this conflict?

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