Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The French Revolution Part I: Causes and Early Stages

Terms to Identify:

  • Louis XV
  • First Estate
  • Second Estate
  • Third Estate
  • Corvee
  • Bourgeoisie
  • Assembly of Notables
  • Estates General
  • Cahiers (look up)
  • What is the Third Estate?
  • National Assembly
  • Tennis Court Oath


Describe the Old Order of French Society (First, Second, and Third Estates).  Why might developments in the 18th century have increasingly broken down this system?

What caused the major financial mismanagement of the French crown?

What prompted the summoning of the Estates General?

How/why did the Estates General transition into the National Assembly?  Why was the Third Estate dissatisfied with the previously established system?

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