Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chapter 16 Part II: Absolutism in France: The Age of Louis XIV

Terms to Outline
  • Louis XIV
  • The Fronde
  • The Estates General
  • corvee
  • Mercantilism
  • Bullionism
  • Jean Baptiste Colbert
  • Wars of Louis XIV
  • War of Devolution (First Dutch War)
  • War of Spanish Succession
  • Treaty of Utrecht

    Questions to Consider

    • Why was Louis XIV considered the quintessential absolutist ruler?  What characteristics of his rule make him differ from his predecessors?
    • What are the various ways that Louis XIV controls various social classes?
    • How did Jean Baptiste Colbert develop the French economy?  What were the limits of these economic improvements (hint: wars)?
    • Why was Louis XIV constantly at war during his reign, and what was the result?

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