Thursday, November 10, 2016

Chapter 16 Part I: Intro to Absolutism in France

Terms to Outline
  • Absolutism's characteristics
    • contrast with absolutism in Eastern Europe
    • divine right of kings
    • contrast with totalitarianism
  • Absolutism in France
    • Henry IV (of Navarre)
    • Duke of Sully
    • Mercantilism
    • other economic reforms under Sully
    • Louis XIII
    • Cardinal Richelieu
    • Intendent system
    • The Fronde
    • Cardinal Mazarin
    • Impact on Louis XIV

Questions to Consider
  • What made absolutism attractive to 17th century monarchs?  
  • How did absolutism in western Europe differ from that of eastern Europe? (We will also discuss this more in Chapter 17)
  • Was absolutism the same as totalitarianism?  Why or why not?
  • To what extent was absolutism "absolute" in France?  How does the role of the Duke of Sully, Cardinal Richelieu, and Cardinal Mazarin help us address this question?

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